London, the capital of the United Kingdom,

 has over 8.5 million inhabitants and there are numerous world famous attractions such as Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, Westminster Abbey and Big Ben, the London Zoo and the Tower of London and the after that named Tower Bridge. Many other tourist attractions can be found at:

The main road is the 188 KM beltway around London: the "M25 - Motorcycle".

From here it´s the best starting point to get on the city's roads to the center.

Anyone who flies by plane should look exactly where the flight begins or arrives - there are no less than five airports for London.

The most famous and largest London airport is Heathrow Airport which is located approximately 20 KM west of downtown.

The second largest airport is the Gatwick Airport about 40 kilometers south of London:

Only about 10 km east of the center in the Docklands, the London City Airport is located:

In London there are many small apartments which are often furnished. For very small removals only for clothing and the most necessary, it is sometimes better to book a convenient flight cargo.